Cengage Unlimited Customer Success Portal

Welcome! The Cengage Unlimited Customer Success Portal provides resources ranging from stakeholder messaging to implementation guidelines. Here you will be able to access and articulate the value, activities and deliverables involved in a Cengage Unlimited Institutional partnership.

As part of your Cengage Unlimited Institutional partnership, we’ve developed a comprehensive online toolkit of resources, including…

Information on the steps and processes associated to deploying Cengage Unlimited across your institution.

Find templates to structure marketing and communication activities, as well as, access to our Cengage Unlimited brand guidelines.

Use the resources here to showcase the individual components of Cengage Unlimited and how it impacts your institutional stakeholders.

All you need to work with faculty on Cengage Unlimited, including syllabus language, training resources, faculty community support and more.

Tools to help students navigate and access Cengage Unlimited, including student experience videos, training resources, access instructions and more.

Connect with other Cengage Unlimited institutions and explore other partners’ experiences.   

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Overview Cengage Unlimited elements and services.

Steps involved in implementing Cengage Unlimited across your institution.

Review the steps a student will take to access and explore Cengage Unlimited.

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Learn how Cengage supports your daily operations and collaborates to deliver on your strategic goals.